Required Paperwork

Hello, Nitrauer Families,
We are checking to ensure that all families have completed important paperwork.

Required Beginning of Year Paperwork 
All Nitrauer Families are required to review and submit the district Acceptable Use Policy, Media Release, and Elementary Handbook signoff. All of these forms are being done electronically this year in Sapphire.

To begin, log into the Sapphire Community Portal.

Next, click on the link at the stop of the screen that says, “Elementary First Day Forms.” See screenshot here. This will walk you through the process of reviewing the Acceptable Use Policy, Media Release, and Elementary Handbook.

Please also take this opportunity to complete the Emergency Verification Form, located in the same section of Sapphire. It is crucial that we have current information on how to contact you (phone and email).

Thank you for quick attention to this matter,
Dr. Hancock