Nitrauer Update – October 2nd

Hello, Nitrauer Families!

October has arrived already! Today I have a few updates for you:

Say Cheese!! Picture Day – October 8!

MTVA and MT Flex (remote learners) students will have pictures taken after the school day and should sign up for a time slot here. Students learning face-to-face will have pictures taken during the school day, as we’ve done in the past.

For Remote Learners

If your child is in a remote learning class and the teacher it out for one day or half of a day, that teacher will assign activities for your child to do on his/her own. In other words, there will not be a remote teacher sub for a half day or just one day. If a teacher is absent for longer than one day, then we will secure a remote teacher substitute.

For MT Families of PSSA (Grades 3 & 4) Test-takers

In the spring of 2021, we will be changing our state mandated assessment administration from a “paper and pencil” to “online” format. You will receive more information about this online assessment administration closer to the dates of those exams in the spring of 2021.

Daily Snacks

Each class in every grade has snack at some point during the day. Parents, please send something along with your child for a daily snack. We do have back up snacks if your child doesn’t have a snack that day.


Nitrauer has joined the Weis4School program! Help us earn money for our school by reading this flyer. Student will also bring home a hard copy of the barcode today to scan at your next trip to Weis Markets!

Plant the Seed of Learning

I am thrilled to be involved with the Plant the Seed of Learning initiative. Plant the Seed of Learning provides resources for families with children ages birth to 2. Our goal is to educate families about brain development and the importance of education beginning at birth. Please check out this flyer with information on how you and your family can join free virtual sessions this school year.

Flyers/Outside Event Info

The Parks & Rec department is hosting an outdoor movie night this evening at 8pm at Manheim Township Athletic Complex. This event will also include a food drive, Chasing Down Hunger, run by 3rd grade Nitrauer student, Chase Schattgen! See the Manheim Township Parks & Rec Facebook Page for information to register.

First Graders at Work in Art

Big picture