Letter from Dr. Hancock – August 5th, 2020

Dear Nitrauer Families,
Although this has been an unusual summer, I hope you have enjoyed extra family time and are having a good summer!

It’s August and time to think about the start of school.  By now, you should have received information and a survey with regards to MTSD’s Reopening Plan.  Detailed information about the Reopening Plan can be found by clicking on this link.  Please be sure to complete the survey now if you haven’t done so already.   Click here to access the Sapphire Community Web Portal to complete the survey. If you do not have an account, please click here for information on how to create a Sapphire Community Web Portal account.

As I’m sure you know, we are busy making plans for all of our students and staff to return to school.  Health and safety is our number one priority for all students, families, and staff.  With that in mind, along with the need to follow health and safety guidelines as related to Covid-19, adjustments have been and will continue to be made for everyone who is in our buildings.  These may include changes to typical routines, procedures, and/or events at our school.  Some general changes are shared in this letter.  Please know that you will get much more detailed information about specifics with regards to our school prior to school opening.

Here is some important information about the start of school:

  • All visitors over two will be required to wear a mask or face covering while in our building.  Hand sanitizer will be available as well.

  • Parents must check students’ temperatures before coming to school–If your child has a temperature of 100.4 or higher, your child must stay home.

  • Letters from your classroom teachers will be mailed this year on August 17.  Parents can also view teacher assignments by logging into the Sapphire Parent Portal.

  • The first day of school this year for students in grades 1-4 is Tuesday, August 25, 2020.

  • Kindergarten students will have a drop in on Tuesday, August 25, 2020 to meet their teacher.  Your child’s welcome letter from his or her kindergarten teacher will have the details of that drop in.  Times will be available for you to sign up between 11am – 1:00pm and 4:00pm – 6:00pm.

  • Our Kindergarten students join us for their first full day on Wednesday, August 26, 2020.

  • This year’s Back to School Night will be virtual.  Stay tuned for further details about this important event after school starts.

  • On the first day of school, please send your child’s iPad and charger with him/her safely in his/her backpack.

School Supplies
You will not need to purchase various school supplies like you have done in the past.  We made a decision as a District last year to do away with the exhaustive list of school supplies.  When you receive teacher letters, the teachers may offer a few optional items for your student or donations for the classroom.

General changes this year due to Covid-19

  • Recess is important and all students will have recess every day!  However, it will look different.  Please see this letter to parents about recess.

  • Only essential visitors will be permitted in our schools for now.  We so appreciate parent’s desire to volunteer.  However, until further notice we will not be able to have volunteers in our schools.

  • Thanks to the generous donation from our PTO, each child will be getting a new MTSD water bottle!  Water fountains will not be available.  Since they won’t have them for the first day, students will be encouraged to bring their own water bottle from home.  Don’t forget to clearly label your child’s water bottle!  Bottled water will be available for those students who are unable to bring their own or forget their water bottle.

  • MTSD is purchasing a mask for every child that they will get on the first day of school.  We ask that you have your child wear a personal mask from home the first day of school as they are required to ride the bus and when they enter the school building.  A disposable mask will be provided for any child who does not have his or her own mask the first day.

  • Almost all of our communication and sharing of information this year will be moving to electronic formats.  For example, this year almost all of the paperwork you typically receive in our “first day packet” will be links for you to view online.  Think of all the trees we will save!

  • It is very important that you always keep your contact information and emergency contact information up to date in Sapphire, our student information system.  

Staff Changes
We have a few staff changes to share with you!

  • Ms. Abby Harvey will be our new second grade teacher.  She taught third grade last year at Bucher, and we are so excited she will be joining our team!

  • Mrs. Taylor Trigg will be our new teacher in our brand new Autistic Support classroom.  She comes to us from New Story school.

  • Also this year, we will have two new music teachers who will share the classes throughout the 6-day cycle.  For Music, we have Ms. Pattey who has been with MTSD for many years and taught at Nitrauer several years ago.  We also have Mrs. McGinnis who has been teaching music at other MTSD elementary schools.

  • In Art we will still have Ms. Krepps and will also welcome Miss Grove, who has been teaching at another MTSD school, too.

  • For Physical Education, we will again have Mr. Illig who will teach all of the students physical education.

Thank you for reading this letter and all of the information that comes home at the beginning of the school year including our Elementary Handbook which will be shared with you electronically this year. This will serve as a valuable resource of information.

This letter has been sent to all students that are currently registered for Nitrauer in electronic email form. If you did not receive one version or the other, please check Sapphire, our student information system to ensure your contact information is updated.

This summer we have learned that, if anything, we need to be flexible!  Plans may be made, but then need to be adjusted due to updated information and/or guidelines.  If any changes to the information in this letter were to occur due to a change in guidelines from the governor, CDC, DOH, and/or PDE we will notify you of the change via email.  Over the course of the school year, we will work closely together.  The home-school connection is vitally important to support our students. It is going to be a great year for our Nitrauer students!

I look forward to working together to ensure your child has a great start to his or her school year!

Dr. Wendy Hancock