Car Rider and Health Room Information — August 27th

Parents of Car Riders,
Starting tomorrow, Friday, please enter the car rider line through the neighborhood next to Nitrauer (Crooked Drive), not from Oregon Pike for the morning drop off and the afternoon pick up.  We are trying to keep the turn from Oregon Pike onto Ashbourne Ave. just for buses.  If car riders follow this procedure, we will cut down on some of the congestion at the Oregon Pike intersection and also ensure that buses can pull in and out.  THANK YOU!!!

Also, please read this Health Room Newsletter from Nitrauer’s health room.  It has very important information about COVID and when to keep your child home from school.

Thank you so much for your support and patience this first week.  It has been an excellent first few days. We are so lucky to be able to teach and work with your child(ren)!

Dr. Hancock